2C, pink cocaine


2C-B is the abbreviation for 4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine. 2C-B is sold mainly as a pill in the Netherlands but sometimes as a powder or capsule. The pills are usually narrower and smaller than ecstasy tablets. 2C-B is a synthetic drug that is chemically related to mescaline. Like LSD and magic mushrooms, it is a mind-altering/psychedelic drug

2C-B gives lots of energy and enhances sensory perception. The drug has less influence on thought processes than LSD or magic mushrooms, for example. Higher doses cause strong hallucinatory and visual effects such as intense colour perception and distortion of objects, patterns or faces. Overdosing creates the risk of experiencing a “bad trip”.


Delivery method

Swallowing (pill/bomb), snorting (powder).  

Physical effects

Slightly elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate and body temperature, dilated pupils.

Desired effects

Dependent on dosage, delivery method and frequency.

  • Physical: energetic, alert, empathy, sense of security, intense music experience, desire to touch others/talk openly, more sensitive to touch, horniness, enhanced intimacy.
  • Mental: (uncontrollable) bouts of laughter, euphoria, enhanced connection, openness, intense sexual experience, altered perception of time, associative thought processes, decreased fatigue.


Dependent on dosage, frequency and situation.

  • Physical: headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, excessive perspiration, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, muscle cramps, overheating, seizures.
  • Mental: confusion, a bad trip, excitement delirium, repetitive negative thoughts, suspicion, anxiety and panic attacks, hallucinations, psychosis, memory problems.

Long-term effects

There is still very little known about the long-term risks of 2C-B. 2C-B is not presumed to be neurotoxic (toxic to the nervous system), and the long-term risks are mild and similar to LSD or magic mushrooms. 


Tips for use

  • The dose of 2C-B can vary enormously between pills. Have your 2C-B tested freely and anonymously at a testing service near you.
  • When using 2C-B for the first time, use it in a familiar environment with familiar people.
  • Avoid nausea by eating easily digestible food at least two hours before taking it.
  • If the trip effects are too strong or unpleasant, take vitamin C, dextrose, or a sweet sports drink.
  • While tripping, don’t fight unpleasant feelings; let yourself drift with the flow. Remember that this feeling is temporary and will pass.
  • Avoid combining it with cannabis. Cannabis can enhance and prolong the effects of 2C-B substantially.
  • Do not participate in traffic. Make sure you sleep well first, even if you feel your trip has worn off.
  • Do not use 2C-B if you suffer from mental disorders, epilepsy, or cardiovascular problems.
  • Do not use it during pregnancy. 2C-B is harmful to your unborn child.