Bestel materiaal over chemsex

Want to know more about chemsex? Mainline has been researching the topic of chemsex for years. Order our leaflets, flyers and magazines. Ordering goes through the Mainline website. See the overview of our chemsex material here.

Publications overview

Slamming do’s & don’ts (NL/ENG)

‘Slamming, do’s & don’ts’ provides practical information on slamming techniques (slamming is injecting drugs), safer use, psychosis and the come down. Available in Dutch and English.

Slamming occurs in certain subscenes of the gay community. Slamming immediately gives an intense rush.

The usage technique can cause great risks. The leaflet aims to minimise the harm of use and is intended only for people who slam and for professionals. The information is more comprehensive than is listed on


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Stoppen met chemsex (NL)

Want to quit chemsex or stay quitted? Order this leaflet—plenty of practical tools and tips from ex-users who know better than anyone where the pitfalls are. Available in Dutch.

The leaflet gives more insight into the different stages of recovery, as well as tips on how to deal with craving, the search for meaning and building a sex life without drugs. For if you want to quit chemsex by yourself or would like advice on finding the right help. Suitable for professionals to hand out to clients.


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Mainline: Drugs & Sex 2022

Mainline publishes a magazine on drugs 4 times a year. In 2022, Mainline produced a themed issue on sex & drugs. Available in Dutch.

Which drugs are hot, and which ones are not? Why is it fun, pleasing, but sometimes dangerous? Users talk about the good and the bad sides. Also full of tips on how to rebuild a sex life without drugs and how to pay attention to each other’s limits during sex.


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Chemsex (HcV testing and treatment) (NL/ENG) 

A hepatitis C infection is at risk if you engage in chemsex and have sex without a condom. HIV negative men are also at risk. Available in Dutch and English.

Testing and treatment can prevent hepatitis C from developing and protect others from being infected. In this mini-magazine, men talk openly about their experiences with chems, bare sex and hepatitis C testing and treatment.

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In this special Mainline on Chems & Sex, you will read all about this topic. Available in English.

In this issue: can ketamine topple an elephant? A short guide in slam management. A report on sex in the sauna. An experience story from Pedro on how drugs pushed him over his limits. Everything you need to know about prep. And much more.


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Leaflet for male sex workers with information on drugs, the effects on sex work and how to reduce risks. Available in Dutch and English.

Drug and alcohol use during sex work can push feelings to the background. You feel more courageous, have fewer sexual inhibitions and can continue for an extended period. Sometimes clients pay more to use together. But sex under the influence can also make you more likely to choose unsafe sex. Or offer services you wouldn’t offer sober.


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