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Do you work with clients who do chemsex? Do you want to learn more about chemsex and how best to help clients?



Reading up on chemsex

Stichting Mainline, the creator of this website, has done research on chemsex, including the following studies:


Slamming in the Netherlands

In October 2021, Mainline‘s chemsex team published a research report on the rise of slamming, or drug injection, in the Netherlands. “Slammen in Nederland” (Slamming in the Netherlands) provides insight into the motives, perceptions, popular substances, complaints and needs of men who inject drugs during sex. Download the fact sheet here.


Chemsex under the influence of Tina

“There is a new generation of injecting drug users”

In 2015, Mainline examined the use of crystal meth and slamming in sexual settings among MSM. The phenomenon of “Chemsex under the influence of Tina (crystal meth)” had never been studied in the Netherlands before. Read the report here.

Take a course to learn more about chemsex!

Stichting Mainline has provided courses, workshops and presentations on chemsex to professionals in physical and mental healthcare and addiction care since 2016. Take a course to learn more about chemsex and how to support clients.


The ins and outs of chemsex

This comprehensive course teaches you what chemsex is and how to establish and maintain contact with your client. How do you build a relationship of trust? An experiential expert will be present to tell you all about chemsex. A training actor will practice different situations with you. Click here for more information about the training.


Chemsex crash course

This course lasts two to four hours and provides basic knowledge of chemsex. Participants will gain insight into the appeal, common slang and potential risks relating to sexualised drug use, as well as the importance of a holistic approach. Click here for more info.


Other courses

Mainline also offers general courses on drugs, including new drug trends, dealing with confused behaviour and GHB in shelters. View our full training overview here.


Refer clients for specific help through the care finder. All social workers who offer treatment for chemsex-related issues in the Netherlands are listed here.

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The Quitting Chemsex leaflet

This leaflet provides more insight into the various stages of recovery and tips on dealing with cravings, searching for meaning and building a sex life without drugs. The Quitting Chemsex leaflet is aimed at people who want to quit chemsex without help or want advice on finding the right help. Suitable for professionals to hand out to clients.

Slamming do’s and don’ts

Practical information on slamming (drug injection) techniques, safer use, psychosis and the comedown.

Click here for an overview of all our material on chemsex.