Quitting chemsex can be very difficult. You may not want to quit completely but regain control of your drug use. Read the information below for support and to understand the dependency process.

1. Pause or quit chemsex

Do you want to take a long-term break? Or is it time to stop? No one becomes dependent overnight. It is a gradual process. When it is time to stop, varies from person to person. One person has to get rid of everything before it is enough. For another, one negative experience can be the turning point.

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2. Chemsex complaints

Although everyone is different, one thing is certain: the longer and more intensively you use, the more your complaints will increase. Complaints can relate to a variety of areas. Find out more about common complaints.

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3. Quitting independently

Have you come to the conclusion that it’s time to stop using? Be prepared: know that quitting uppers like Tina, crack or 3-MMC can be pretty tough. Quitting downers on your own is highly discouraged.

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7. Help with quitting

Chemsex can put you in isolation. If you really want to stop, you need to reconnect with people. Talking about it and asking others for help is the most important step. This can be with family, friends or people who have gone through the same thing as you.

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