1. Pause or quit chemsex

Is it time to stop, either permanently or temporarily?

  • Do the positives of use no longer outweigh the negatives?
  • Have you gradually started using more and more?
  • Are you unable to have sex without drugs anymore?
  • Are you becoming increasingly isolated and using alone more often?
  • Are you slipping and gradually losing everything?

Do you want to take an extended break from your drug use, or is it time to quit?

No one becomes dependent overnight. It is a gradual process. The right time to stop varies from person to person. Some people lose everything before they realise it has gone too far. Others only need one negative experience to be the turning point. Sometimes usage is already problematic when there are only several complaints at play. In this case, some people tend to deny they are losing control, continuously postponing the decision to quit. It is easy to get into a vicious cycle of sex, chems and a heavier comedown.


The following questions can help assess where you currently stand:

  • Are you using increasingly often and alone?
  • Do you use more than you intended?
  • Do you have a lot of cravings to use again between sex dates?
  • Do you need more chems to achieve the same effect?
  • Do you use extra chems to delay or ease the comedown?
  • Do you have more and more frequent symptoms after use and during recovery?
  • Do you cancel appointments because you have used or want to use chems?
  • Are you continuing to use despite increasing negative symptoms?
  • Is your use less and less linked to sex?
  • Are you unable to have sex without drugs anymore?
  • Are you struggling with your usage?
  • Do you often have the desire to cut back or quit?
  • Have you tried to cut back or quit before to no avail?
  • Does your use make it harder for you to fulfil your daily obligations?
  • Are you having relationship problems as a result of your use?
  • Do you ever use while driving, working or studying?
  • Do you secretly use when visiting family or non-using friends?

Be critical and honest with yourself!

If you answer YES to one or more of the above questions, it is time to get your use back under control or quit altogether.