2. Chemsex complaints

Complaints caused by chemsex

    Although everyone is different, one thing is certain: the longer and more intensively you use, the more your complaints will increase. Complaints can relate to a variety of areas. Common complaints with regular use of stimulants such as Tina, 3-MMC, crack and other uppers are:


    • Severe weight loss or poor appearance
    • Poor resistance/being sick often
    • Dental damage
    • Sleep disorders
    • Lack of energy
    • Body restlessness
    • Muscle spasms


    • Feelings of depression
    • Feelings of emptiness, loneliness and apathy
    • Feelings of despair
    • Suicidal tendencies
    • Intense feelings of shame and guilt
    • Strongly fluctuating moods
    • Anxiety and panic attacks
    • Paranoid thoughts/hallucinations
    • Long-lasting psychoses


    • Obsessively engaging in porn, sex or cam sex
    • Reduced or no libido
    • Crossing sexual boundaries
    • Sexual abuse or rape
    • No more sex without chems
    • More and more frequent STIs


    • Problems at work or study
    • Debt and/or financial problems
    • In trouble with the law
    • Social isolation
    • Neighbourhood quarrels
    • Loss of contact with family and friends
    • Loss of job, home or partner
    • Suicide attempts