3-MMC / 3-CMC


3M, 3-MEC, Meow Meow.


3-MMC (3-methylmethcathinone) is a new drug about which little is known.  

3-MMC is a stimulant and a variant of mephedrone and 4-MEC. The drug belongs to the synthetic cathinones, a subset of amphetamines. 3-MMC is sold in powder or crystalised form. It is usually white, granular and crystalline in texture. It is sometimes also sold in tablet form. 3-MMC does not last as long as 4-MEC and has a less euphoric effect. The comedown is relatively weaker as a result. 

Since October 2021, 3-MMC has been on the list of forbidden substances in the Netherlands, and online stores and home dealers are increasingly offering 3-CMC as an alternative. 3-CMC is also called clophedrone or 3-chloromethcathinone. Like 3-MMC, 3-CMC has strong stimulating effects, but it is unclear whether the effects are comparable to 3-MMC. Most information comes from users through online drug forums. Many describe that, compared to 3-MMC, the effects of 3-CMC last shorter and are less intense.

Delivery methods

Swallowing (bomb), snorting, booty bumping, slamming. 

Physical effects

Increased blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

Desired effects

Dependent on dosage, frequency and situation

  • Physcial: huge energy boost, desire to talk, increased confidence, alertness, sexual focus and stimulating, physical tingling, prolonged and intensified orgasm, heightened sensory perception.
  • Mental: openness, pleasure, euphoria, empathy, talkativeness, thought acceleration, reduced inhibition and increased arousal, intense horniness, time distortion, self-confidence, feeling physically strong.


Dependent on dosage, frequency and situation

Physical: dilated pupils, dry mouth, decreased sense of hunger, tense muscles, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, rhinitis (when snorting), sore throat, uncontrolled movements, difficulty concentrating, anxiety and panic attacks, overheating, sweating, erectile dysfunction, liver damage, greatly increased blood pressure and heart rate, seizures, heart failure, discoloured limbs, excitement delirium, disruption of serotonin metabolism, strong craving.

Mental: lethargy, insomnia, gloominess, irritability, nausea, headaches, dizziness, sweating attacks, agitation, aggression, difficulty concentrating, depression after use, hallucinations, pain in the heart region, nosebleeds (when snorting), paranoia, purple discolouration of limbs, prolonged craving, loss of control.

Long term effects

3-MMC and 3-CMC are relatively new drugs on which very little research has been done. Known so far: increased risk of brain damage, depression and psychosis, severe weight loss, severe mental dependence.

Tips for use

  • Have your 3-MMC tested freely and anonymously at a testing service near you.
  • Make sure you are fit and mentally stable when using 3-MMC and 3-CMC deplete your mental and physical reserves. 
  • Eat a healthy diet and take plenty of antioxidants. Take supplements with antioxidants and vitamins before and after use. Stimulants such as 3-MMC and 3-CMC cause increased oxidative stress, causing brain cells to experience continuous stress. Antioxidants reduce this effect. 
  • 3-MMC and 3-CMC suppress the feeling of hunger. Try to eat small portions regularly, preferably with enough salt, a yoghurt drink, a protein shake or a smoothie.  
  • Drink water regularly. One glass per hour is sufficient.  Pay attention to your body temperature and avoid overheating. Find somewhere to cool down now and then. 
  • Do not use 3-MMC in traffic, as the drug impairs your reflexes.  
  • Very little is known about the long-term effects and risks of 3-MMC and 3-CMC. Be aware that you are your own guinea pig.  
  • Always start with a low dose. Wait at least an hour and a half before taking more.  
  • Avoid combining with other uppers such as ecstasy, Tina, speed,  cocaine, or 3-MMC/3-CMC. Uppers increase the risk of cardiovascular problems and overheating.  
  • Use increases blood pressure. Avoid using 3-MMC or 3-CMC if you have cardiovascular problems.  
  • Do not use during pregnancy. 3-MMC and 3-CMC are harmful to your unborn child.