G, goop, liquid ecstasy, blue nitro.


GHB is the abbreviation for gamma-hydroxybutyrate. This downer is mainly sold as a syrupy, salty liquid but is sometimes available in powder form. GHB is sometimes mistakenly called “liquid ecstasy”, but it has nothing to do with the effect of ecstasy/MDMA.

GBL is the main ingredient for the production of GHB and is much stronger than GHB. GBL is a highly corrosive substance. Undiluted use can damage the gullet and stomach.

Delivery method

Drinking (often dissolved in non-alcoholic beverages), snorting (powdered form only).

Physical effects

Decreased blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, decreased muscle coordination.

Desired effects

Dependent on dosage, frequency and situation

  • Physical: muscle relaxation, reduced pain sensation.  
  • Mental: social, cheerful, relaxed (similar to alcohol intoxication), talkative, sexually disinhibiting, enhanced sex drive. 


Dependent on dosage, frequency and situation

Physical: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakened muscles, reduced reflexes and coordination, severely slowed breathing, passing out (unconsciousness), coma (G-sleep), respiratory and cardiac arrest, choking on tongue or vomit.

Mental: Feeling drowsy, temporary memory loss, uncontrollable urge to sleep.

Long-term effects

Mental and physical dependence.

Tips for use

  • Have your GHB tested freely and anonymously at a testing service near you.
  • Be careful with the dosage. A single millilitre too much will cause you to pass out (unconscious). This can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. In severe cases of overdose, you stop breathing. This can be fatal.
  • Use a syringe with millimetre markings to measure the correct dose. These syringes are available online or at the drugstore.
  • Every time you buy a new supply of GHB, it is important to start with a lower dose than normal.
  • GHB and GBL have a stacking effect; if you take more while the previous dose has not yet worn off, you can easily overdose. Wait at least two hours before taking another dose, then use half the previous dose.
  • Do not participate in traffic while under the influence of GHB.
  • Get someone to watch you. If you pass out, you are at the mercy of the whims of your environment.
  • If someone else passes out, try to keep them awake with pain stimuli and fresh air.
  • If someone is unconscious, put them in the recovery position so they do not choke on their tongue or vomit. CALL 112 IMMEDIATELY. Be open to the emergency services about the drug use.
  • Combining GHB with uppers (e.g., ecstasy, crystal meth or 3-MMC) can make you less likely to pass out. Always take a lower dose when using GHB/GBL without uppers.
  • Do not use G in combination with ketamine or other downers such as benzos (valium, oxazepam, temazepam), opiates (oxycodone, tramadol, fentanyl) or alcohol. These combinations significantly increase the risk of overdose.
  • Daily use of GHB quickly leads to physical dependence. Detoxing is tough and should only be done under professional supervision.
  • Do not use during pregnancy. GHB/GBL is harmful to your unborn child.