Pep, copilot.


Speed belongs to the amphetamine family, as do MDMA, ecstasy and crystal meth. It is a strong stimulant and produces an energetic, euphoric and focused feeling. Amphetamine is almost always sold as a fine white or yellowish powder, though sometimes as a pill. Speed causes a loss of sense of time, so use often continues longer than planned.

Complaints such as overtiredness, lethargy, feelings of depression and continuous restlessness come into play. Speed use can cause severe mental dependence. In addition to the strong desire to use again, withdrawal symptoms such as poor sleep, excessive sweating and continuous restlessness can set in. 


Delivery methods

Swallowing (pill/bomb), snorting, booty bumping, slamming.

Physical effects

Increased blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature, dilated pupils.

Desired effects

Dependent on dosage, delivery method and frequency.

  • Physical:  high energy/strength, increased endurance, delayed and prolonged orgasm, overcoming physical limits and pain.
  • Mental:  intense euphoria, enhanced focus, extreme horniness, strong and sustained desire for sex, enhanced self-confidence, more social, alert, reduced/no sense of time, overcoming sexual inhibitions, impulsivity, a feeling of enhanced coordination.


Dependent on dosage, frequency and situation.

  • Physical: overtiredness, dry mouth, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, muscle spasms, overheating, sweating, uncontrolled body and jaw movements, erectile dysfunction, skin complaints, constipation, headache, chest pain, seizure, kidney damage, palpitations, extremely elevated blood pressure, ruptured aorta, cerebral infarction, stroke.
  • Mental: sleep disorders, aggression, irritability, anxiety, and panic attacks, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, depression, strong craving.

Long-term effects

Extreme weight loss, compulsive body and jaw movements, tooth decay, sleep arrhythmias, kidney damage, muscle tissue breakdown, brain damage, mental dependence..


Tips for use

  • Have your speed tested freely and anonymously at a testing service near you.
  • Only use speed when you feel physically and mentally fit.
  • Do not use speed to counteract adverse effects such as fatigue or depression.
  • Reduce the risk of dental damage (teeth grinding) with sugar-free gum. This stimulates saliva production.
  • Have your own snorting tube and never share it with others.
  • Rest well before and after using speed.
  • Eat healthy food before and after using. Nuts and peanuts replenish reserve substances, and the antioxidants and vitamin C in fruits and vegetables promote recovery. If you cannot eat solid food, consider protein shakes, fruit juices, breakfast drinks or smoothies.
  • Take extra vitamins and antioxidants before and after using speed.
  • Prevent overheating. Rest regularly, and do not wear warm clothing or headwear.
  • Drink sufficient water or soft drinks, but no more than one glass per hour; any more can increase the risk of water intoxication.
  • After sniffing speed, clean your nose before going to sleep. Use a moist cotton bud, a nasal douche, or spray to remove speed residue in your nose, or clean your nose with your fingers while showering.
  • Never use speed if you have diabetes, a weak heart, high blood pressure, epilepsy, mental illness or in combination with medication.
  • Do not combine speed with alcohol.
  • Do not participate in traffic while under the influence.
  • Do not use speed during pregnancy. Speed is harmful to your unborn child.