Oral use

Tips for oral use

Eating, drinking or swallowing drugs is called oral use. The drug enters the bloodstream through the stomach, small intestine and liver before reaching the brain. It takes at least twenty to thirty minutes to feel the first effects. With space cake, magic mushrooms and LSD, this can sometimes take forty-five minutes to an hour.

Know what you are taking. Always have your drugs tested. 

Use on an empty stomach, if possible. Your stomach contents have a great influence on effect and tolerance. If you use shortly after eating, it may take a long time to notice the effects.

Because some chems are broken down by the liver before reaching the brain, a higher dose is often required than with other delivery methods. 

Drugs can vary enormously in strength. Always start with a low dose and halve that dose if you decide to take more. 

Weigh your drugs to determine the correct dose. The effect of oral use comes on late, at which point a potential overdose can no longer be avoided. If you have taken too much, there’s no going back.

Never wash the chems down with alcohol. Especially with GHB/GBL, alcohol is a no-go, as the combination significantly increases the risk of overdose.

Never use GBL in pure form. This can severely burn and damage your oesophagus. Read more about GBL/GHB here.

Other health hazards may arise from excessive oral use, particularly oesophagal, abdominal and stomach discomfort and ulcers.