Tips for slamming drugs Slamming (injecting) drugs is a common delivery method during chemsex. There are many risks associated with slamming. Follow these tips to make sure you are slamming as safely as possible.

Slamming is the riskiest delivery method. You are at risk of vein damage and overdose. Slamming can also quickly lead to mental dependence. We recommend choosing a different delivery method.

If you opt for slamming anyway, always inject in the direction of the heart. 

Have your drugs tested before use. Click here to find out where.

Learn proper technique and always use your own kit.

For your safety: always slam with someone around. 

Use a new needle for each dose. After the first puncture, the needle has already dulled considerably, which increases the risk of vein damage. 

Make sure your equipment is sterile.  


Never lick your needle! Saliva contains a multitude of bacteria which increases the risk of infection. 


Use a fine filter that catches pollutants when filling the syringe with the solution. This also prevents undissolved drug granules from entering the veins, which increase the risk of abscesses. Suitable filters are sold in sterile packaging. 

If you slam regularly, alternate between your left and right arms. This gives your veins more time to recover. 

The veins on the back of the hand and foot are small and fragile. Slamming in these areas is very painful, and the risk of vein damage is high. If you opt for the hand anyway, remove all rings from your fingers. 

Never slam in the groin or neck. Arteries and nerves run near these veins. 

Never share an injection kit! The HIV and hepatitis C viruses can remain alive in the needle and syringe for a long time. 

After slamming: apply firm pressure to the injection site with a sterile gauze to allow the vein to recover faster. 

Never throw used needles in the trash, as there is a risk that others could prick themselves on them. There are handy pocket-sized containers for used needles. A metal or hard plastic container or box is also suitable. 

You can drop off used needles for free at drug relief organisations, pharmacies, hospitals and community health centres. Some of these points also offer free injection equipment or exchange used needles for clean ones. 

You can also contact Mainline for free syringe exchanges. The office is open for syringe exchange every Wednesday (16.00 – 18.00) and Thursday (15.00 – 17.00).

Slam techniques: 

Slamming can be done in several ways

Intravenous slamming (in the veins):

Be careful not to hit any arteries. These often lie deeper and are reddish. If the slam hurts and the blood is frothy, you have likely hit an artery. In that case, gently withdraw the needle and apply firm pressure to the injection site with a bandage for at least 15 minutes. Keep your arm raised during that time. If the bleeding does not stop, go to the emergency room! 

Muscling (in the muscles) & skin popping (under the skin):

These techniques are often painful. Muscling is mostly used with ketamine and is best avoided with other drugs. Many chems are poorly absorbed under the skin and muscles. Muscling and skin popping increase the risk of scarring. 


Booty bumping (anal insertion without a needle):

This technique can cause severe intestinal cramping when used with uppers. To prevent transmission of HIV, hepatitis C and other STIs, never share your syringe when booty bumping. Read more about booty bumping here

For more information about slamming, order the “slamming dos and don’ts” flyer here.