Tips for smoking drugs

If you prefer to smoke your drugs, there are several ways to do so as safely as possible. Here are some tips that will help you limit the damage to your lungs and health.

Do not smoke too hot. All chems have a temperature at which the active ingredient vaporises and can be inhaled. If the temperature rises further, the drug burns. That makes for a weaker high, and more harmful gases. 

The cooler the smoke is when inhaled, the less harmful it is to the lungs. Cooling can be done with water (e.g., in a bong), or by extending the stem of your pipe. 

Inhaling ash or powders is bad for your lungs. Use multiple steel screens, for example, when smoking crack. Use a bong or vaporiser when smoking cannabis and meth.  

The fewer added substances, the less harmful it is to your health. In other words, don’t add tobacco to a joint or use a vaporiser. 

You can learn to inhale. It is a myth that inhaling deeply and holding the smoke in your lungs for a long time gives a stronger high. You do not feel more high. However, it is much more harmful: holding in the smoke deposits over 1.5 times more tar in your lungs.