Tips for snorting drugs

Follow these tips to ensure you are snorting as safely as possible.

Use a high-precision digital scale to measure your dose. This is especially important for drugs requiring small doses, such as ketamine. 

Use a clean snorting kit. Avoid rolled-up banknotes, as they contain a lot of bacteria.

To prevent transmission of hepatitis C, never share your snorting kit with others.

Drink plenty of water, preferably two litres, spread throughout the day. This prevents dehydration and dry nasal cavities.  

Make sure your drugs are sufficiently fine. The finer the powder, the less irritation and the better the drug is absorbed. Chop the powder finely on a smooth, clean surface.

After snorting, rinse your nostrils with a nasal rinse or spray. Rinsing with saline can reduce swelling. The salt clears further blockage, allowing you to breathe better again. Do not make the saline solution too salty because it can become an irritant. If you do not have a saline solution, use tap water. 

Seasoned snorters often have runny noses. The mucous membrane becomes irritated or inflamed, which can be very painful. This is often a sign that you should take a break from snorting.  

Visit your GP if your nostrils become severely irritated or inflamed.  A damaged nasal mucosa or septum does not recover.   

If you get a nosebleed during sex, discontinue the sex. Sex can significantly increase the blood pressure in your head. Also, avoid hot showers, hot meals, carbonated or alcoholic drinks, drugs and cigarettes for a while.