Praktijk voor Mannen

Psychosocial, sexological and relational counselling.
Specific help for: LHBTI+, Hetero, Sex work, Friends / family

I offer psychosocial, sexological and relational counselling. I can help you with, for instance, stress, burn-out complaints, depression, anxiety disorders, lack of meaning, doubts about your relationship or sexual preference, work-related stress, erection loss, sexual abuse or being too preoccupied with porn. I am a psychosocial therapist specialising in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and am also an independent practitioner of, among others, sex addiction and low self-esteem with the ‘Vat van Zelfwaardering’. I am also registered as an NVVS professional in the register consisting of experts in sexological counselling of the Dutch Scientific Society of Sexology.

relationship therapy
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
sexual problems
porn addiction
sex addiction
drug addiction
burn-out symptoms


During office hours


Broekstraat 26, Klarenbeek (gemeente Voorst)

Jeremy Heshof