Frequency of use

Do not use too often

The more often you use, the more likely you become dependent. Be alert if chemsex sessions become more regular and start a little earlier each weekend. Take enough time to recover between sessions. When chems become normal during sex, you need increasingly extreme stimuli to experience the same thrill. Do the check if you think you might be using too much.  If you limit the number of sex sessions on chems, it remains somewhat special, and you get the maximum enjoyment out of your use. Prevent sex under the influence of chems from becoming one of the most important activities in your life, and keep doing other things.

Schedule a maximum of one sex session with Tina per six weeks, preferably less.

If you want to take drugs during sex again sooner, avoid heavy drugs like crack or Tina.

Make other plans so you won’t be tempted on the other weekends.

Think about what kind of situation might lead you to push your limits. What can you do to prevent that?

 Consider what your temptations and triggers are.

 Try to recognise triggers in the moment.