Tips: self-control

How do you make sure sex on chems stays positive?

Maintaining control regarding how you use, how much and how often requires self-discipline. That can be especially challenging with Tina, crack and 3-MMC. Still, there are many ways to keep your use under control and the sex satisfying. For example, you can agree with yourself in advance how much and how often you will use.

Read on for tips and tricks for more self-discipline. Many of the tips below come from the gay scene and are based on the experiences of men who use chems and know the pitfalls.


Delivery method

Consider the pros and cons of your chosen delivery method. Read more..

Ask yourself questions

Stay strict about your reasons for using. Read more..

Network and environment

Keeping your use within your limits is easier with regular sexual partners. Read more..

Time limit

Staying up all night can have negative effects. Keep your Party & Play date fun. Read more..

Frequency of use

Be alert if your chemsex sessions become more regular and start earlier. Read more..


Consider in advance how many chems you want to use at most. Read more..


The more often you use chems during sex, the stronger the connection between the two in your brain becomes. Read more..

Social network

Maintain your social network beyond your sexual contacts to avoid becoming isolated. Read more..


ometimes, chems are used during sex to avoid feeling the negative effects of use or to deal with emotions. Read more..


Remember that feelings of craving also pass again. Find distractions and do things that are relaxing. Read more..