Alternate sex without chems

People use chems during sex for various reasons. For some, it is a pleasurable treat they give themselves every now and then. For others, it has become a lifestyle and the only way they still want or can have sex.

Sex on chems is often intense and overwhelming, making other forms of sex feel much less or totally unappealing. Using chems releases a lot of dopamine that dwarfs the euphoria of all other sexual experiences.

Many regular users experience a decreased libido when they are not on chems. They also say they need increasingly extreme stimuli to become aroused. Some have not had sex without chems for so long that they can’t even imagine it.

The more often you use chems during sex, the stronger the connection between the two becomes in your brain. For many people, sex is an important part of their lives. Feeling horny then automatically leads to craving chems. The brain pathways that associate sex with drug use deepen and increase the likelihood of dependence.

Schedule a maximum of one sex session with chems per six weeks, preferably less.

Regularly ask yourself why you combine chems and sex.

Is there any other way to find what you are looking for in chemsex?

Have sex regularly without using chems.

By continuing to have sex without using, it is less likely to become unimaginable. As a result, sex will not automatically lead to use. Even though it may be much less intense, you can find other things in it. Read these tips to build a sex life without chems.

Try to find pleasure in the subtler aspects of sex.

Try to be attentive to the other person and yourself, be aware of all the senses and put the focus on intimacy.