Dealing with craving

Many users have an intense desire to use more chems during or for a while after the comedown. With Tina and 3-MMC, in particular, cravings are much stronger than other drugs and can last for a long time. If you give in to cravings, your use will increase rapidly, and you may lose control of your use.

Craving is partly caused by the drugs disrupting normal brain activity and dysregulating the brain. This is especially true in the period just after using. Experiencing negative aftereffects and the desire to suppress these feelings also contribute to craving.

There are many triggers that can tempt you to use more. Triggers can be anything. A trigger could be as simple as unpleasant emotions such as insecurity or stress. Seeing snorting tubes, needles, chems or porn or chatting on dating apps can also trigger a strong craving.

Find distractions, do relaxing things or make sure you have something to do.

Do not go on dating apps or watch porn during your comedown. Being preoccupied with sex can increase your cravings for chems.

Take that time to evaluate whether you really want it and the possible consequences. If you still want to use after that, at least you made a conscious decision.

Make sure there are no chems in the house to avoid unplanned use. 

Remember that feelings of craving also pass again. Imagine it like a wave rolling over you and crashing down on the beach. If you have a strong craving, postpone your decision to use by five minutes.

If you have cravings, acknowledge them. Try to figure out what you are feeling. Breathe deeply while doing this.