Notifying sexual partners

Notify sexual partners in case of an STI

Notify your sexual partners if you test positive for an STI. This increases the likelihood they will do the same for you. By notifying each other, you prevent STIs from ping-ponging back and forth.

Ask for your sexual partners or sex party hosts’ phone numbers, email addresses and profile names before the sex date. Note the dates you had sex with them in your phone. This is useful when you visit the public health service to treat your STI.

Many public health service centres (and some GPs) use the digital alert system. The advantage of this system is that in the case of gonorrhoea and chlamydia, your sexual partners are also immediately offered treatment. They do not have to wait for their test results to come in. 

If you contract an STI during chemsex, the public health service can help alert other participants anonymously. Ask the host of the sex party if you can share their contact information with the public health service. You can make a plan with them to alert your sexual partner(s).

How far back you have to notify people depends. Sometimes it can be up to three months back, sometimes six. The STI nurse can tell you more about this. For hepatitis C, notify partners up to six months back.