Tips: sleazing without aftermath

Sleazing without aftermath

How do you reduce your risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis C and other STIs? How do you prevent damage to your penis and anus during sex on chems? Research shows that the majority of people using chems during sex have unprotected sex. Even if you have unprotected sex, you can take measures to reduce the risk of HIV and STIs.

In addition to having a thorough knowledge of HIV and STIs, there are ways to reduce or prevent health damage when having chemsex. How do you ensure you do not end up in the emergency room because of a sex accident?

Prevent sleazy sex from having a nasty aftermath. Read on for tips and tricks for sleazing without aftermath.


Test every 3 months

Sex on chems means a greater chance of contracting HIV, hepatitis C or other STIs. Read more..


Communicate about HIV status and testing. Read more..

Notify sexual partners

By notifying each other, you prevent STIs from ping-ponging back and forth. Read more..

Vaccinate against hepatitis A and B

The viruses can be easily transmitted through sex. Read more..

Prevent permanent damage

Extended sex sessions increase the risk of damage. Read more..


Apply risk reduction strategies to remain HIV-negative. Read more..


Maintain medication adherence if you are HIV-positive, even during chemsex. Read more..

Interaction betweem chems and HIV medication

The effect of the interaction between chems and HIV medication can go two ways.  Read more..