Psychotic symptoms

Sometimes, unpleasant psychotic symptoms may develop during or after drug use. These include anxiety and panic attacks, paranoid thoughts, delusions or hallucinations. These complaints are often caused by the combination of sleep deprivation, exhaustion, dehydration and nutritional deficiencies during prolonged and combined use. These complaints are relatively more common with 3-MMC, crack and Tina.

The symptoms usually subside on their own during your recovery days. When staying up all night or using several times a week, psychosis can sometimes persist longer, and symptoms may return with minimal use. If you have had psychotic symptoms before, you are more likely to experience them with prolonged use.

It is important to understand that your symptoms stem from having used chems for a long time, and the negative thoughts and experiences are not permanent. 

If you can still recognise what is happening and have some control, find a quiet environment with minimal stimuli. 

Find someone you trust who can watch over you and with whom you can discuss your feelings. 

Next time, use less and stop sooner.