Tips: harm reduction

Harm reduction

There are ways to reduce the negative mental, physical and sexual impact of drug use.


Basic tips

  • Know what and how you are using! Immerse yourself in the effects of the chems you want to take. This ensures you are better aware of what to expect and what to do to mitigate risks.
  • Have your drugs tested before use. Click here to find a testing service in your area.
  • Never buy from a random dealer.
  • Start with a small dose to determine how strong your chems are. This can prevent an overdose.
  • Never use alone. Having someone else around is much safer if something goes wrong.

Read on for more tips and tricks for harm reduction.

Setting sexual boundaries

Establish exactly what you are looking for in sexual contact ahead of time; this increases the likelihood of things going how you want them to. Read more..

Combined use

When chems are used during sex, various drugs and erectile dysfunction medication are often combined. Read more..

Safer slamming

Of all possible delivery methods, slamming (injecting) drugs into the veins is the riskiest. Read more..

Chill regularly

Take regular rest periods and avoid exhaustion during prolonged sex sessions. Read more..

Fluid intake

The complete focus on sex and the loss of the perception of time can sometimes make you forget to drink enough. Read more..

Nutrition & supplements

If you don’t eat during multi-day sex marathons, you get exhausted faster and take longer to recover. Read more..

Dental protection

Regular drug use can eventually lead to cavities, inflammation or even tooth loss. Read more..

Recovery time

Take the time to recover. The longer and more intense you have partied, the longer the recovery process will take. Read more..


During comedown, the body works hard to restore balance. Read more..


Because your sleep rhythm is disrupted, you may have trouble sleeping for a few days after use Read more..

Psychological symptoms

Be aware that your gloomy feelings are amplified by the lack of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. Read more..


Understand that your symptoms stem from having used chems for a long time and are not permanent. Read more..

Psychosis sexual partner

Never leave the other person to their own devices and keep them in the here and now. Read more..

Sexual symptoms

exual problems may occur with frequent and prolonged drug use during sex. Read more..