Sleep rhythm

Plan sufficient time—preferably at least 24 hours—after your sex party to rest and give your body and mind plenty of time for recovery.

Try to return to your usual sleep rhythm immediately.

Remember that you also rest when you are not sleeping. Stay in bed, even if you can’t sleep.

The use of uppers stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a chemical that is also produced during dangerous or stressful situations. It provides a huge energy boost and suppresses sleep. Chems enable you to go on much longer without feeling tired or exhausted. Skipping entire nights or weekends will eventually lead to total exhaustion, increasing the risk of anxiety and panic attacks, hallucinations or psychotic episodes that can last for days.

Because your sleep rhythm is disrupted, you may have trouble sleeping for a few days after use. The longer you partied, the greater the dysregulation and the longer the symptoms will last.