The hangover

The comedown is the period immediately following the high. Prolonged use of chems during sex is both physically and mentally exhausting. During the comedown, the body works hard to restore balance. Mood swings and a feeling of extreme exhaustion often accompany this. Headaches, irritability, paranoia and depression are also commonly mentioned complaints during the comedown. In severe cases, long-term psychosis or suicidal thoughts may flare up.

Of all the chems, Tina, crack and 3-MMC give the most intense rush in which all sense of time is lost, causing you to go on longer than planned and resulting in a heavier comedown. How much you used and combined and how long you had sex largely determine the extent and duration of your comedown. Chilling out occasionally and eating and drinking sufficiently during the sex date can ease the comedown.

The first day or days of comedown are generally the toughest. The comedown after slamming, for example, is much more intense than after smoking. Some take the hangover as a given, as something that comes with it, and resign themselves to the comedown.

Take plenty of time—at least 24 hours—to rest and catch up on sleep after using.

Eat something, even if you have no appetite. Vegetables, fruits, protein, oily fish and nuts help speed the recovery. 

Stay away from dating apps or websites for a few days, and avoid watching porn. 

Be kind to yourself!

Drink lots of water or tea to detox. Restoring the fluid levels in your body—and especially your brain—eases the comedown. 

Find distractions and avoid stress. Stream series, listen to music. Exercise—preferably outdoors—also works wonders.  

Don’t lock yourself in the house. Invite a friend over or visit them.