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Tactus addiction care is there for people with substance use problems and their relatives. We both help from prevention to clinical treatment to client and their environment.
Specific help for: LHBTI+, Hetero, Sex work, Friends / family

In addition to a non-binding consultation, you can of course sign up for intake and treatment.

Treatment: Tactus offers varied and flexible assistance. You can receive treatment at home (outpatient treatment) or at the clinic. We not only help you to persevere, but also show you that a life without addiction really is worthwhile.

Support for loved ones: With addiction, your loved ones (family and friends) may also need help. With support, your loved ones will be better able to be there for you, while not losing themselves in the process. Sometimes, it is also helpful to attend training sessions together during your treatment. E.g. participating in a partner group.

Final evaluation: When you have finished treatment, there is a final evaluation with your practitioner. Your care plan will be reviewed based on your opinion, comments and wishes. After this, your follow-up care or, if necessary, additional treatment will begin. We will ask you to agree in writing.

Aftercare: Your treatment is incomplete until the necessary aftercare has been arranged and you have agreed to your final evaluation. There is a varied range of aftercare. These include residential counselling, work and daycare, but also self-help groups.



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