“We should quit, but then he goes and orders again anyway”

Jolanda (52) and her boyfriend use 3-MMC during sex together. It was initially exciting, but she gradually became less satisfied with her use. “The fun of using drugs is gone.”

“Lately, we have been using every weekend. The fun of using drugs is gone. I just think it’s a waste. You lie in bed all weekend doing nothing. It’s killing our relationship. During our sex sessions, my boyfriend is on websites looking for men to join. Sometimes I enjoy the extra men, but sometimes I just walk away because I find it unpleasant.  

My boyfriend and I started using ecstasy, GHB, balloons and things like that a few years ago. Always during sex. Then he discovered slamming 3-MMC. We had actually broken up, but he told me: I have something new that will make you extremely horny. I tried it out and was sold. It was an incredibly hot experience. He persuaded me to start a relationship with him again, and we started living together in April.

“You lie in bed all weekend doing nothing”

We have had an on-and-off relationship for eleven years. We can’t live with or without each other. Maybe it’s because we both have HIV. We no longer have friends. My friends abandoned me because I chose him. 

I would like to stop using; my body is breaking down. I’m getting weird holes and spots on my body. But how do you stop? My boyfriend also says we should quit every weekend, but then he orders again anyway.”



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